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Happy Holidays from us to you!

We, the team at Boulder Integrative Health want to send warm wishes to you during this beautiful holiday season!

I am so honored to have an incredible team who is dedicated to our valuable patients, to help bring forth more health and healing.

My team of nurses and myself are continually working to find new healing modalities that will both boost your health and promote healthy longevity. We do have a few more offerings now in the IV clinic that have yet to be posted on our menu, so the next time you are getting your IV boost, ask the RN's about what we have up our sleeve! 

We do have a new online booking platform with Vagaro for the IV clinic for new and existing clients. See the link below! 

In the meantime, we want to offer Glutathione support to you in the month of January at 25% off! This is a great time to support your liver, your detoxification process and boost those anti-oxidant reserves. If you don't have time for an hour IV treatment, consider the Glutathione push or IM injection in our "shot bar", as this is a quick and easy way to boost your levels.

We will be also offering all Glutathione supplements at 25% off as well. 

Glutathione is also important if you are sick with a virus or other illness, tis the season!

Glutathione helps support your "innate" immune system and helps the body shift towards more antiviral activity. Glutathione helps neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, which is heightened during viral infections. Glutathione can also regulate the inflammatory response and keep it controlled when you are sick. 

Please know that the Sars-CoV2 infection is still circulating and the newest JN1 variant is highly contagious and accounts for up to about 50% of the infections at this time. You can spread or receive this lovely "gift" even in the absence of symptoms. Symptoms of the current strains of Covid can be similar to a "common cold" so it's a good idea to test before coming in close contact with immunosuppressant people to protect them and the spread of this virus. The CDC does have updated quarantine guidelines for your viewing pleasure. Sadly this is now a part of our circulating viruses that our immunity has to fight, and it's here to stay. 

So please be safe out there and support your immunity as best as you can with nourishing foods and reduce your stress.

And most certainly laugh often and love much!

Wishing you love & light this holiday season! 

Yours in health, Carrie Ballas 


IV Boulder

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