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Our Best Resources

Below are our favorite choices for high grade professional products and resources. This list will continue to build and we will be adding book selections and additional websites. For healthcare provider referrals, please see the referrals tab. Use this link to order products we recommend but may not have in house



You can order directly using our Practitioner Number (call us for it) on their website


Quicksilver Scientific : (products and testing for heavy metals) 

Vaya Cog

Nutraceutical Companies

 News Resource


Prolon Diet Information

You must be under the care of a practitioner to participate in this program. It is not for diabetic patients or those with nut allergies.

Coffee Enema Article              Alkalize Your Body Article

Frequently used Tests

WorldHealth.Net   (cutting edge articles)

Certifications + Fellowships

A4M    American Academy of Anti-Aging

AANP   American Association of Nurse Practitioners

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