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EMF's: What They Are and Reducing Exposures

Do you ever feel exhausted after sitting in front of your computer all day? Do you get headaches from looking at screens and media? Do you feel a cognitive shift or “fuzzy” brained when in front of media or in a room surrounded by wireless connections? Even if you do not experience any of these direct EMF sensitivities, your cells are being negatively impacted by EMF exposure and this can increase your risk for adverse health. The average American spends eleven hours per day electronic media and considering most people spend 8 hours sleeping per day this only leaves 5 hours of waking hours not connected to media. Yikes!

How many hours do you average per day? I am guilty, as charged, since I just worked an 8 hour day in front of a wireless computer and now am sitting here in front of the computer again, writing all of you! (I started out sitting on the couch and then realized this darn laptop was on my lap, which is a total no no! Oh the habits we keep!)

I am not here to tell you all to live off the grid, ditch all of your media and disconnect from society. But what I would like to do is to help educate you on how to reduce your exposure, thereby reducing your potential health risks associated with EMF exposure. I hope this Newsletter will help shed some light on potential risks while giving you tools to mitigate risk for yourself, and loved ones (especially your children).

Excessive or overproduction of ROS will create excessive free radicals which leads to cancers, necrosis of tissues, neuronal damage to brain tissue leading to Neuro degenerative and other Neurological diseases. Unfortunately, since the brain has such a high metabolic rate, ROS and oxidative damage can happen easier than in other organs, hence the increased risk for cancerous Gliomas in the brain.

EMF’s can directly and indirectly damage our DNA and without our repair system intact, we have yet another place of depletion of our anti-oxidant systems, again leading to more free radicals and cell death.

Exposure to this low frequency radiation disrupts the homeostasis of the cell by negatively impacting our electrolyte exchange, it can damage our DNA, affect our mitochondria’s ability to create energy and negatively impacts our ability to function properly.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have various chemical effects too, including causing deterioration of the large molecules in our cells and imbalance in ionic equilibrium. EMF’s have been shown to activate voltage-gated Ca2+ channels (VGCCs) which causes “excitation” to the cells. There are calcium voltage channels located in our cell membrane. EMF exposure causes calcium to flood the intracellular space leading to an overproduction of pro-oxidative molecules called super oxide (SO) and nitric oxide (NO). As stated above, excessive amounts of these pro-oxidant molecules interact with each other and produce free radicals. Our VGCC are highly concentrated in the nervous system and the brain. VGCC activity causes widespread neuropsychiatric effects in humans, such as cognitive changes, mental fogginess, anxiety, attention and focus issues.

WHY is this bad? Wireless devices are the most concerning EMF exposures because our “enabled devices” are always "ON", which means they are always transmitting radiation, even when you are not surfing the internet or using the device to talk or message someone. Enabled Wi-Fi devices like phones, computers, IPads or Tablets continuously check in with their main network (cell tower or Wi-Fi router) to be sure a connection exists, whether or not a person is using that connection. Those signals are transmitting radiation emissions.

Therefore, if your devices are “ON”, they will be sending EMF signals on a regular basis which will increase your exposure over time, especially when you are in close contact with these devices.

Currently, we as a global society are facing new challenges with a virus attacking our immune system and we need our antioxidants levels as high as possible and should avoid assaults that may lower our reserves. Interestingly, most of us have been utilizing MORE technology, not less during this time in order to work from home, relax with our “smart TV’s” and communicate with others on our mobile and other Wi-Fi Devices. While connection is crucial for our health and sanity, I am very concerned about the health implications this has for our society.

What does the Research Say? In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RF and EMFs from cell phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans. The National Toxicology Program and the Ramazzini Institute have both reported that RF EMF exposures significantly increase gliomas and Schwannomas of the heart in rodent studies. Recent studies indicate that RF EMF exposures from cell phones have negative impacts on animal cells and cognitive and/or behavioral development in children. Experimental and observational studies also suggest that men who keep cell phones in their trouser pockets have significantly lower sperm counts and significantly impaired sperm motility and morphology, including mitochondrial DNA damage. Below are a few highlighted health risks but I advise you to go to the “Studies” section to access the research directly, which will lead you to more compelling literature about the adverse health risks of RF EMF exposures. Health risks found in the literature

  • Oxidative stress, Apoptosis (cell death) & cellular DNA damage with altered Gene Expression

  • Childhood Leukemia

  • Cancers such as Brain, Breast, Vestibular nerve and salivary gland tumors, Thyroid cancer

  • Electrolyte changes, especially Calcium overload

  • Neuropsychiatric effects such as Hyperactivity, ADHD and Impaired memory

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness & Vertigo

  • Endocrine disruption, Infertility and Miscarriages.

  • Male Sperm Production deficiency and quality changes

  • Asthma

  • Fatigue (due to Mitochondrial damage and overall imbalances)

Other impacts of EMF’s There are significant Wildlife impacts to animals (disorientation), trees & plant vitality and a reduction in bee pollination

Innovation vs Health: Future of 5G:

An example of health implications comes directly from research done on 5G and the future build of those networks. There is a lot to be said for great innovation and the internet, is definitely innovative, coming so far in only 30 years of true public accessibility. The innovations, inventions, and technology that has correlated with the development of the internet, has been truly amazing! We our able to connect with friends and family from around the world in mere seconds. We can now also work remotely and internationally, learn remotely, see amazing places you can't travel to physically with augmented reality features. I take advantage of these amazing innovations, like all of you. While technology and its comforts, have vastly improved the quality of life for many, I also think we forget about some of the risks of developing it too quickly, without proper research.

5G has been a hot topic for many people and governments, local as well as national, which has made its development an international debate. Many local municipalities and national governments have been banning it not only due to health risks, but also, because there are potential national security risks that go with data collection. The Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) estimates that hundreds of thousands of wireless antennas will be built in local areas which includes neighborhoods and where we live. Even at legal levels, currently wireless 5G tech cannot be accurately measured yet, in terms of frequencies they give out. The other concerning issue is that the antennas will be beam forming, which creates multiple streams of signal from each individual fixture. Worth mentioning are the other external factors that each fixture introduces to a neighborhood.

  • They increase electromagnetic radiation near homes

  • They have refrigerator-sized (and larger) equipment cabinets

  • Property values drop after a cell tower is built near homes

  • Taller and wider poles are needed for the antennas

  • Fixtures weigh hundreds of pounds

Even Insurance companies exclude health coverage from wireless and electromagnetic radiation. Swiss RE, the insurance authority, has released their white paper research regarding the effects of 5G and its development. I recommend reading, as it highlights its development, thus far, along with predictions of its market use and risk factors in health as well as business. The most important thing to remember in the development of future tech and connectivity is that so far, each innovation has merely added an additional layer to existing technologies which are used successfully everyday at current speeds. 5G will not replace 3G, 4G, LTE networks, and signal devices. While the prospect of 5G is very exciting, many in the scientific community are trying to be cautious, calling for an appeal, which you can view and support as well. If we're going to upgrade our technology then we should have a sustainable replacement that would help reduce our exposure to EMF's, not increase it.

How can I reduce my exposure? I don’t want to live in a cave the rest of my life!

Here are some quick tips on reducing your exposure:

  • Distance matters (gosh we’ve been hearing this phrase a lot these days)

  • Keep Cell phones, wireless laptops, tablets and such away from your body and NOT ON YOUR LAP Ditch the Smart Watch or at least turn if off when not using it

  • Laptops: Use a grounded 3 prong plug for the power supply. Yes, you may have to buy this separate when you buy your laptop. (MACs come with a two-prong adapter as well as a two-prong).

  • When you are NOT using your phone or devices, it’s best to turn them off but at least use the Airplane mode”, also known as “flight mode,” ( I’ve discussed this with sleep before- please turn this off as much as possible but at a minimum when you go to sleep!) This mode stops the emissions. Make sure the Wifi and Bluetooth are also off, especially if your children are handling technology too.

  • Router on vs on a timer so that you can turn it off or time it off at night ( I personally turn off my Wi-Fi router every night but I also turn my I-Pad to “airplane mode” every night. Have you ever looked at your connection connection and find 10 or more other signals coming at you even if your Wi-fi is off? I have and do regularly since I live in Boulder town and it’s very concerning, I even have a brick home!

  • Use speaker phone or a plug-in earpiece to keep the phone away from your brain and body

  • Prefer texting instead of voice calls and hold the phone out, away from your body when you press “send,” and do not rest your phone against your abdomen as you text

  • Do not carry a powered ON cell phone in your pocket or bra

  • Turn automatic updates off. Reduce active Apps. Cell phones emit radiation constantly, even when you are not actively using them. Even if you turn wireless antennas off, they are still emitting magnetic fields so power them 100% off before you carry them near your body

  • Children should not use mobile phones except for emergencies

  • Do not charge phones and devices by your bedside or working space

  • Use a battery-powered alarm clock

  • Sleep away from all electronics, utility meters, and large appliances

  • Unplug heating blankets and waterbed heaters before getting into bed

  • Do not stare into the microwave watching food cook

  • Take magnetic field measurements, especially if you live near a power line (see resource below)

  • Lighting: Opt-out of fluorescents. They emit harmful blue light, create electromagnetic interference and they have mercury in them. Some halogens can create electromagnetic interference but this is a better option. Incandescent bulbs seem to be the safest from an electromagnetic perspective, however, they are not energy efficient.

  • Replace any Smart Meters with an Analogue Electric Meter

  • Companies are replacing electric, water, and gas utility meters with digital “smart” meters that emit radiation. The pulses of radiation from smart meters are not safe. Industry states it is a “low” amount of radiation exposure. In reality, the pulses of radiation can be very high- even though they just last a millisecond- but they pulse continuously thousands of times a day. I have worked with a patient who’s Smart Meter and Smart Home literally made her so sick she was debilitated until she moved homes. I now call them “not so smart” meters!

  • Hardwire your computer, music and other technology when possible If you cannot hard wire your computer, music or use a corded landline, here is an idea to do your best to keep you safe in the meantime:

  • Home cordless phones emit radiation like cell phones. Most cordless phone base stations constantly emit high levels of microwave radiation regardless of whether or not any connected handset is in use. Corded landlines have no wireless radiation emissions. So every home should have a corded landline (with a curly cord to the handset) if possible. Then you can forward cell phones to your home line while you are at home. Prefer the landline corded phone for most voice conversations. If you cannot get a copper landline you can use a Voice over Internet Protocol system or purchase a telephone line connection from your Internet provider.

  • When I did an assessment of my office, it was firing red red red when next to my cordless phone. Once I removed that, the EMF reading when down to yellow where I had my computer (wireless) going.

Road tripping this summer? Cell phones and streaming tablets and laptops also emit higher power radiation during travel because the metal surroundings create radiation hotspots inside the driver and passenger areas of your vehicle.

  • Use an old fashioned GPS without wireless

  • Plan ahead so that you do not need to use any cell phones or wirelessly enabled devices in the car

  • Going on a road trip and your children want to watch movies? Before you leave, download the movies onto the device so that during the trip wireless access is not necessary

  • Call your car manufacturer to learn how to turn the wireless antennas ( Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) to OFF in the car

  • Do not stream video inside vehicles. Passengers can use electronics with pre-loaded movies and applications (instead of streaming)

  • Prefer to video chat when you are at a computer with a corded internet connection.

  • If you want to listen to music or watch a video, first download the files (preferably by using a corded connection) onto your device (instead of streaming) so that you can watch and listen without continuous RF

  • Prefer to use social media (with photos and video) when you have a corded internet connection rather than on a cell phone

  • Turn the phone and device off or on airplane mode in low reception areas

  • Prefer texting over voice in low reception areas

What Tools can shield or deflect the RF EMF frequencies? Energy Dots These dots are essentially stickers that help harmonize EMFs. I have had them on my phones/computers for years and can’t say I feel a difference, but I figure it is helpful and easy to place on devices. Blockers of EMF for devices from companies such as Safe Sleeve (I have had one of these on my phone for over a year and can notice a difference for sure OR Consider a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (EMT) or BioMat for balancing your circulation and energy Go see Chuck Hyde at “Light Club” for an energetic grounding vibrational experience (and it’s one of the most amazing experience you will have in Boulder as he uses sound and vibration to balance your fields)

Supplemental recommendations Support your body with anti oxidants! (if not already doing so during this pandemic) such as glutathione and NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Sulforaphanes like Crucera by Thorne, Green Tea Extracts, Melatonin (neuroprotective, reduces inflammation and helps with the sleep/wake cycle) to name a few heavy hitters.

I sell all of these important nutrients. I strongly recommend them now more than ever and therefore am offering 15% off for this month’s special. Also, Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD+ Gold by QS (read my March Blog about NAD+) as NAD reserves go down with increased oxidative stress which depletes your mitochondrial function = energy. IV or subcutaneous injections of NAD as this restores your homeostasis and mitochondrial function (Discounts on the NAD will honored from March during the month of June and July, if you had purchased before we had to close temporarily, for the pandemic) Increase your Magnesium intake with foods and supplementation to offset the calcium excitation “influx” that is caused by EMF exposure Molecular Hydrogen Quicksilver H2 Elite. Having available hydrogen quenches oxidative molecule and helps protect from the damage as well. We do the H2O2 IV’s in the IV Suite as well.

I hope this information will help you know your risks, educate you on how to reduce your use and get some added protection. Please don’t forget to go outside and ground into our Mother Earth’s rocks and soil. Plant a tree, create an oasis for the bees and wildlife too. They are precious and reliant upon our support to protect them.

May you find a balance in all aspects of your life! In love, light and high vibration, Yours in health, Carrie

Resources Environmental Health Trutst Safe Living Technologies For a local Boulder assessor Certified Building Biologist” to hire to assess your levels and risks in your home, Riun (sounds like ryan) Ashlie 720-557-3369 If not in Boulder- here is a site to locate someone close to you………. Books to read Radiation Nation- The Fallout of Modern Technology Complete Guide Book to EMF Protection & Safety by Daniel & Ryan DeBaun “The Non-tinfoil Guide to EMFs” by Nicolas Pineault Studies

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