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Love Your Immune System with Del-Immune

Hello to all! I hope you all have been feeling more heartfelt, happy and connected by doing a gratitude practice with me this past month. If you haven’t started this yet, it’s never too late to be grateful. I can tell you it’s certainly enriching and heartwarming for me! There is one important body function that you may not be thinking about on your gratitude list: Your Immune System. We often only think about our health or have gratitude for it when we lose it. Therefore, I would like us to have gratitude for our immune system, when it’s working well, too! Your amazing immune system is continuously working for you, every second, every minute of every day to prevent foreign invaders from penetrating, attacking, and making you sick. While some of you have a more robust response, others might complain you're sick too often. Either way it’s an ongoing battle with the external world, and the more we can support this amazing, yet complicated system, the healthier you will be. How do you prevent foreign invaders such as Influenza, Coronavirus, the common “cold” and more from taking hold in your body and making you sick sick sick? I have a solution for you, Del-Immune!

Let’s start with a little description about how your intricate Immune system works and is on alert supporting you this very minute, and then I will explain why Del-Immune is in my arsenal of support to keep me from getting sick when working with ill patients, as well as helping my patients stay healthy. Your body has a two-part system in protecting us from foreign invaders, the “innate” (immediate) and the “adaptive” (long term) system. Today we will focus on the Innate Immune Response since this is our first natural defense to intruders, which can be pathogens like viruses and bacteria. We have two physical barriers, the skin (which is the largest organ of our body) and mucous lining in our organs that trap pathogens and help protect us from these invaders entering our body in the first place. Our GI track is especially critical in protecting us, starting with a chemical barrier in the stomach (stomach acid), and then further along the GI track there is a delicate balance of “good and bad” bacteria that are key, to keep foreign invaders in check. This is one reason why prebiotics and probiotics are so protective against fighting infections, and in optimizing your health.

If these pesky invaders get past our barriers of defense, our innate immune system is armed and ready to respond to the threat. It works by calling in cells to identify, then attack, viruses, foreign toxicities, and bacterial infections. It's key, that the faster our immune system can respond to an invading threat; the more successful our body will be in preventing the infection from replicating and causing illness. This is where Del- Immune comes to the rescue. A few terms to be familiar with are; Leukocytes, T and B Lymphocytes, Natural Killer Cells, Monocytes, Mast Cells, Eosinophils, Basophils, Phagocytic cells (Macrophages, Neutrophils, Dendritic cells) which are all functioning within the immune system by identifying and eliminating pathogens that might cause infection. Cytokines are worth mentioning because when macrophages are exposed to inflammatory stimuli, they secrete cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF), Interleukin IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, and IL-12. Because these cells help fight infections and inflammation, they are key to helping us fight invaders optimally and quickly! If we have this amazing system, why, do we need something like Del-Immune? The reality is that our immune system can be slow to respond or be overwhelmed with the invaders. When you eat sugar, you are stressed, not sleeping well and any other number of other poor lifestyle stressors that occur, will suppress your immune response, while increasing, your susceptibility to getting an infection, possibly being sick for weeks. So, what is Del-Immune, how can it help your immune system fight foreign invaders and how did it come to be? Read on! The history of this product is quite amazing. How Does it Work? Del-Immune V is a broad-spectrum immune modulator and nutritional supplement containing cell wall fragments from a unique probiotic strain of bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Peptides found in lactobacillus cells are pivotal in getting the immune system going more quickly, as they are activators of the innate immune system for an immediate immune response. A cultured Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain that is “lysed” or broken apart with natural enzymes that are identical to those in the human intestine. This process creates a product composed of cell wall fragments with pieces of DNA which is then pulverized to produce a fine powder containing microscopic particles of cell wall fragments and other components. The immune response takes place when the Lactobacillus cell is digested and broken into cell pieces. This process acts by regulating a switch in the immune system called cytokines (as mentioned above) which are messengers alerting the body of the presence of an invader and stimulate protective WBC, interferons and activates interleukins, which stimulates production of T, B, and NK cells. This process normally takes 5-10 days but with Del-Immune, this is expedited and starts working in less than 6 hours, which is key to preventing the infection from taking hold and wreaking havoc on your health and life! The story of how it came to be (which is super cool!) In the early 1960s, a scientific team led by Bulgarian medical doctor and microbiologist, Ivan Bogdanov, researched a variety of lactobacillus strains, believing the strains could influence the immune system to eliminate cancer. Dr. Bogdanov and his team were successful in eliminating sarcoma in laboratory animals using a mixture of lactobacillus cell fragments. He even saw the cancer disappear within a few days of injecting this strain of probiotic. His work is the first documented research showing the positive impact of probiotic lactobacillus cell fragments on the immune system. This discovery led to the biological research of lactobacillus cell wall fragments which are produced by lysing, or breaking the lactobacillus cell.

In comes Dr. Liubov Sichel, a brilliant woman from Ukraine who earned her PhD in microbiology from Moscow State University. Much of her focus had been in biotechnology of microbial enzymes, microbial polysaccharides, amino acids, probiotics biotechnology, probiotic cell fragments technology and other microbial products, based on microbial fermentation for human, animals, industrial and environmental use. In the 1970’s during the Cold War, The Soviet Union initiated a bio-warfare program and were looking for protection against agents. The Soviet military asked the government to provide protection against biological warfare agents such as plague, smallpox, anthrax, etc. At their request, a special research institute conducted experiments to identify an effective product, and the result was a lactobacillus cell wall fragment made from a special strain. Using the research from Dr. Bogdanov and one of Dr. Liubov Sichel’s lactobacillus strains, a refined product was produced and was a predecessor of what would eventually become Del-Immune V in the U.S. Dr. Liubov worked with and eventually married John Sichel, a retired pharmacist in the US and together in 1999 they brought the cell wall formulation from the Russian Federation to the U.S. and in 2003 began manufacturing Del-Immune V in the U.S. Del-Immune. Another great reason to support this brand, aside from its phenomenal preventive relief, is that they're a local Boulder company.Directions for useEach cap has 2 billion cell wall fragments to accelerate natural immune response.

Most people take one 25mg capsules per day for regular preventative immune support and increase the dose if they start to feel sick or have been exposed to an illness.

Children of all ages can take Del-Immune. For Acute illness you can take 2 caps am and 2 caps evening until improvement of symptoms.For Severe illness, take 3 caps 3x/dayIn animal studies, there were no side effects at mega doses of 50-100x the recommended dose however a mega dose may cause slight gastric upset.There is an earthy odor that can vary depending on the season of production. Each batch can be slightly different.Del-Immune V can be taken on an empty or full stomach with any type of drink or foodsDel-Immune V can be taken with prescription drugs, antibiotics, and or nutritional supplements without risking interactions.Del-Immune V is gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO.

Prevention is still the best way to protect yourself from infections! Key points to remember for immune protection

  • Wash hands with soap and water

  • Keep your skin organ moist and healthy

  • Avoid rubbing face, eyes, mouth to prevent another mode of entry for the invaders

  • Disinfect your desk, home, door knobs and such with a clean, nontoxic product such as an essential oil blend like Thieves by Young Living or CleanWell.

  • Make sure you have enough stomach acid to digest food and protect you (which may mean you need additional enzymes to support you).

  • Make sure you are eating fiber for prebiotics and consider probiotics as well to keep you gut healthy.

  • Keep a humidifier on in bedroom and homes (research shows viruses do not transmit well in moist, hot air)

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

  • Stay home if you are sick to prevent the spread to others and make sure you stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without fever reducing medicine.

  • Make sure your Vitamin D level is optimal at 60-100!

  • Get plenty of sleep, manage your stress and stop eating refined sugars!

  • Oscillococcinum homeopathic by Boiron (AKA Influenzium) or feel free to call the office for an appointment and we can consider the medication Tamiflu if we catch it within 48 hours of onset of symptoms.

DON’T FORGET VITAMIN C AND THE IV BAR! We're your go to clinic for medical grade IV's, as prevention and treatment. Our Rejuvenate IV is packed with 25g (that's 25,000mg) of Vitamin C and we source only superior medical grade product.

I am so appreciative for the education that I get to share with all of you. In deep gratitude for all of you, Carrie Influenza Symptoms Oscillococcinum Clean Well wipes/cleaner Thieves YoungLiving Essential Oil and more Latest data on the Coronavirus (Sat Feb, 1st 2020)

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