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Gift Yourself Health

Gift Yourself Health

Are you guilty of giving to others instead of yourself? Would you like to be engaged in your health on a regular basis? Are you ready to feel more energized and youthful?

This month we are rolling out an incredible opportunity for you to treat yourself, engage in your health, feel more energetic and prevent the dreaded winter illnesses in the process. The BIH IV Monthly Membership program is yours!

Why Intravenous therapy? Can’t I get enough nutrients in my food and supplements? What is all this hype anyway? Just because famous stars and pro athletes are doing it, does that really mean it’s effective?

IV therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream with 100% bioavailability, which means ten times the amount of nutrients then you could take in by mouth. In many cases our foods have lost a lot of their nutritional value as well as our ability to digest them, therefore IV therapy can support you in regaining nutritional balance as well as targeting treatment for disease.

“Regardless of what you do orally, the amount that you take by mouth in nutrients or in food is reduced as we get older. Only by IV route can you get sufficient nutrients: If you are over 40, without the IV route, you cannot get the nutrients you need.” According to Mitchell Ghen, DO, PhD is an international lecturer on oral and IV nutrition.

75% of the United States population has some sort of chronic disease. In the typical Western model, we are just using a Band-Aids to support symptoms opposed to treating the underlying cell abnormalities. IV therapy is a targeted way to rebalance cell abnormality, nutritional deficiencies and more.

The growing attention to IV therapy is real because people, not just the super stars, are finding it effective in preventing illness and healing disease and the proof is in how they feel. Every day I hear from one of you how much better you felt after even one IV or how it stopped an infection in its tracks. Most people can expect to feel better immediately but other times it’s a cumulative effect.

Because I don’t just want the super stars to be able to afford IV therapy, I keep my prices very reasonable for you so that you can take advantage of this support regularly for optimal health. This is also why I’ve decided to design a fantastic membership program for you, so that you can commit to at least one IV per month with added benefits of course! The patients who come regularly to the IV suite are the patients I see have the most marked improvements.

“I came to the IV clinic weekly for a month and then 1-2 times each month last fall through the winter and didn’t get sick once for the first time ever! I will be back again this year! Thank you! “ Merret M.

As a medical clinician, I also provide therapeutic doses of nutrients. For example, my IV Regenerate “Myers Cocktail” has 25,000mg of Vitamin C where most IV bars are only putting in 2-5,000mg of Vitamin C. I believe in providing the highest quality nutrients in methylated forms and in therapeutic doses in order for my clients to see the biggest improvements in their health.

Statistic alert 17 million workdays were lost to seasonal flu in 2018, according to the Center for Disease Control. According to a 2017 OHSA study, workplace stress and fatigue costs employers an estimated $136.4 billion from health-related lost productivity.

So what is the answer? (besides the obvious of washing your hands, getting enough sleep, reducing stress and supporting good gut health)

Get regular IV therapy!

IV Therapy Benefits (to name a few )

  • Immune support

  • Auto Immune disease - The National Institutes of Health estimates up to 23.5* million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease and that the prevalence is rising.

  • Exercise recovery and repair

  • “Hangover”cure

  • Altitude sickness and overall dehydration

  • Cancer prevention and treatment

  • Mold and Bio-toxin removal

  • Chemical and environmental detoxification

  • Cognitive support “memory” enhancement

  • Parkinson’s and neurological diseases

  • Heavy metal chelation

  • Migraines

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Mitochondria Dysfunction

  • Anti-Aging

  • Weight loss

  • Stress support

  • Anti-Viral therapy, such as Influenza, Upper Respiratory Infections, Herpes, Epstein Barr Virus

  • Bacterial and Parasitic disease treatments including Lyme, Pneumonia, for example

Many of us associate IV’s with being sick, which can be overcome by our supportive staff and comfortable room. Once you have the opportunity to relax into the process and realize this is also about prevention and getting well, one starts to feel they are doing something positive for their own health and people report those fears go away.

Monthly Membership Program

$149 per month includes:

  • One IV therapy treatment of your choice (includes all current listed IV’s and can add $60 for the H202) *all chelation IV’s need to be evaluated by Carrie

  • Receive an additional 15% each additional IV that month

  • One B12 Injection ($20 value)

  • Free O2 during IV therapy ($40 value)

  • 25% off on all supplements

  • Birthday week treat! Either 1 B12 or 1 Vitamin D injection ($20-35 value)

****6 month min requirement auto-pay or prepay

Once the 6 month is complete you can renew or go month to month *if stopping membership after the month to month and want to restart this the renewal starts over

Must use your IV each month, which is to encourage you to have self-care and get the full benefits on regular treatments Non-transferable

Coming soon

NAD+ IV therapy (Vitamin B3 derivative needed for our mitochondria to function) so IV therapy helps with energy, cellular regeneration, performance optimization, mood disorders, neurodegenerative disease and more.

MIC (lipotropic) for fat weight loss ( a combination of methionine, inositol, and choline and Alpha Lipoic Acid) L Glutamine / Zinc for leaky gut and inflammation IV Shot bar – such as Zofran for nausea, Torodol for inflammation and pain

I hope that you all are as excited as I am about this amazing offering and that you prioritize yourself and gift yourself health!! With gratitude for being a part of your health journey, Carrie

Additional Resources:

Benefits of NAD

IV Specials

College Student discount 15% off all IV therapy with ID card

And don’t forget about our Referral Program!

For each person you refer and they note this in the chart upon booking the appointment, you will get 20% off your next IV (not combined with the already discounted 10% off in your membership)

And if your new referral comes with you together, you both get 20% off your IV of choice.

Consider giving a gift card to your friends& family for the holiday season as well. There is nothing better than the gift of health as it just keeps giving!

In addition to IV therapy in preventing illness I also recommend Del-Immune for a daily prevention of infections. Del Immune website.


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