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Cleansing and Detox Protocols

Spring is a time when nature is emerging; percolating sounds of life and rebirth fill us with great anticipation for vibrancy and resonance. Can you feel it yet? The days are longer, the birds are starting their return, and the trees are budding with their emergence of life. What if you too emerge with vibrancy and awakened life? With March 20th being the first official day of Spring, it is time to clear out the proverbial cobwebs and shed our hibernating ‘coat’ to support our body in achieving resonance and optimal health. We can emerge in health by cleansing our body, our mind and our surroundings. When we cleanse the idea is to clear out toxins, activate our lymph system, support our gut and liver, reduce inflammation with healthy foods and provide the best ‘house’ to do it in. Below are several area of focus, each important in their own way, particularly at this time of year: Body Cleanses

  • Core restore 14 day cleanse by Orthomolecular (try extending to 28 days) - professionally designed for binding toxins, reducing inflammation, providing liver and nutrient support while on an anti inflammatory diet - 25% off

  • I also like Whole 30 but you need additional kidney, liver and GI supplemental support for optimal detoxification (see below for suggestions)

  • Implement intermittent fasting - 16-18 hour fast, at least 2 times per week but more if well tolerated

Detox and Healing Support Products (all 25% off in March)

  • Thorne Fibermend a rice bran fiber to bind toxins and help bowel strength and elimination

  • Xymogen GlutAloeMine to provide fuel for the mucosa and to heal the gut

  • Extreme Immunity - a bovine immunoglobulin powder to neutralize toxins and microbes in the gut lumen.

  • Xymogen Medcaps DPO as a Phase I and II detoxifier

Other amazing detoxifying products:

  • Glutathione as Liposomal Glutathione by Quicksilver or NAC by Xymogen

  • Glucoraphanin or Sulforaphane like OncoPlex by Xymogen or Crucera by Thorne

  • Tumeric/Curcumin as Meriva 500 by Thorne

  • MediClear products by Thorne (available online)

**You can always order directly from Xymogen as my preferred clients for anything you should need. Our professional code is #1445** Other ways to support your detoxification process

  • Alkalize Your Body - Article:

  • Nourishing bone broths

  • Dry brush before showering

  • Coffee Enemas - Article:

  • Massage or Lymph specific massage

Exercise With longer days there are no more excuses. 5 days per week at 30 min or do High intense intervals and don’t forget to include weights 2-3x/week. This is not only a way to remove toxins in the body - you will feel better, have more energy and lose those pesky pounds that are holding you back. Remember to include Yoga as well. We are designed to move so do it! Mind Cleanse

  • Daily Meditation practice

  • Guided- Head Space, Relaxing Melodies app

  • Vibration sound board classes with Chuck Hyde - this is an amazing tool to increase your cellular vibrancy, get your lymph moving, ground your energy and simply relax a little more

Home Cleanse

  • Clean out all residual chemicals in your home

  • Check out for a list of safe and toxic free cleaning supplies such as Clean Well, Bronner’s, Bon Ami Powder cleanser, Aspen Clean Products


  • Our body is made 60% of water! We need it to survive and to cleanse

  • Recommendations for adult males- 104 oz and for females 72 oz per day

  • Filters - Most standard filters do not remove all of the toxins and pharmaceuticals and heavy metals but this one does! We just installed this new Smart Shield filter under the sink in my home and did a blind tasting and it tasted softer and cleaner - good for one year. Get yours with a 20% discount and free shipping with our exclusive discount code for BIH patients: BIH20 at checkout ! It is an easy install with assist videos or Water Wizard can install for you.

  • We will also have a display of incredible water bottles from this company that filter out toxins for everyday or backpacking use that are totally unique in their abilities

Clean Air Toxins in our air are abundant and with increasing fracking near our communities it’s getting worse. Minimize exposure in your home with a HEPA filter. For the cleanest air I have one in my home and I can feel the difference- it’s worth the money! Sauna Therapy Infrared is best - High Tech Health is the best on the market for non toxic poplar wood, glues, low EMF and potency. And…they are right here in Boulder so you can try one out! Mention me and get a good discount! Happy Spring Cleaning inside and out !

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