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Longevity Diet

Let us welcome a new and exciting year where we have a renewed opportunity to thrive in health and happiness! I hear from so many of my clients they are frustrated with their health, excess body fat, low energy, achiness and inflammation to name a few. Maybe you are simply wanting a way to maintain your current good health as you age in years? I now have access to a cutting edge method that will help you improve these issues with a simple and easily attainable method; Fasting. It is called The Longevity Diet! The idea of fasting is not new and has been researched and utilized for over 60 years in Eastern Europe (Russia) but the newest research has shown this modified fast will burn fat, increase lean body mass, increase your own stem cells, decreases cytokines and inflammation, boosts the immune system, modify hormones and improve receptor sensitivity better and longer. The Longevity Diet is the brainchild of Dr Valter Longo at USC who has been doing research on fasting for over 25 years and has found the results of his studies on animals and humans to be outstanding. I do feel following an anti-inflammatory eating program is best overall for optimal health and wellness. Dr Longo’s book has just been released January 2nd so order now! Link to BIH Amazon Page Want some details???? So here is the skinny.... ‘ProLon Fasting Mimicking diet’

  • 5 day strictly modified fast medically designed by Dr Longo and the company ProLon.

  • The fast is once per month for 3 consecutive months.

  • You purchase the kits from the clinic and it will include all food and supplements you need for the 5 Days. Easy peasy!

  • It’s gluten and dairy free but not nut free.

  • And yes you can have one cup of black coffee per day and drink as much water and herbal tea as you would like.

This ‘diet’ must be prescribed by a medical provider to ensure this is appropriate for each patients So you must be under my care as an existing client. This diet is not appropriate for diabetic patient type 1 or 2 or those allergic to nuts. It is gluten and dairy free but not nut free. Price: Each kit $249 If you purchase 3 kits at a time $225 per kit For this January special only- kits are $200 each - ideally buy 3 at a time so you are set for the full program If you want to do this with me I will been embarking on this journey as well so join me on this on these dates:

  • January 13-17

  • Feb 9-13 (to be done before Valentine’s Day)

  • March 10-14th

Because the first few days might be the most challenging it’s best to start over a weekend. I will also have a Facebook group so we can support each other along the way. Also check out the Netflix documentary ‘The Science of Fasting’

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