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The Value of Love in Health

Greetings from BIH, February is the month full of hearts! Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love in the 14th century and flourished in tradition of sharing and courting in love since that time. Hallmark has capitalized on the 14th monetarily for years and the American Heart Association has captured it as an opportunity to bring awareness to heart health. I would like this month to be a reminder for us all to love more deeply and authentically! I believe the root of a happy and balanced soul is connecting with our heart and with love. Love for self, for others and for our community brings not only happiness but is also amazing for our health. When our heart feels love we radiate positive energy and vibration. When our energy is positive our cells work better, more efficiently and with more fluidity and flexibility. When in a place of fear our cells become chaotic and disorganized. This has actually been studied! Dr Sinatra, a world renowned cardiologist has studied how ours cells react to positive ions and vibration and the benefits are incredible. Going beyond sending positive love and light out into the world, he discusses how we can also ground in our earth for additional health benefits. So this month I challenge you to love yourself more deeply and others more intensely, even in places of tension. I encourage you to tap into the collective positive energy and do your part in creating healing. Today please look in the mirror and say ‘I love you’ at least three times and with each message sink in more deeply to the feeling of love for yourself. Do this at least 3 times today and see how you radiate differently. You can then express your love for others by telling them so as well. I also recommend trying a grounding practice outside. Step onto the grass, sand, dirt or cement with bare feet or leather shoes for as long as you can but ideally 40 minutes breathing deeply taking in the earth’s positive energy with each inspiration and releasing any tension with expiration. I promise you will feel better and your cells and cardiovascular system will be happier as a result. If you can do this as a daily practice even better. For more on grounding and the positive benefits for heart health check out Please take this month to care for your heart, for others and for all. Love is free! February special- each time you refer someone you care about for an IV service you receive 25% off your next IV!

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